Ehang GHOSTDRONE 1.0 Battery, Black

GHOST Drone Battery The Ghost battery ensures a longer flight time and reduces recharge frequency. It is shock-proof and humidity resistant. This battery is specifically built for Ghost, a powerful Lithium Polymer (LiPo for short) battery with a 5400 mAh capacity and 11.1 Volts. While interchangable it is much lighter and more carefully built than […]

3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter w/ Gimbal and Backpack (Certified Refurbished)

3DR Solo Refurbished

3DR Solo Drone Solo, powered by twin 1 GHz computers, is the world’s first smart drone. The world’s smartest drone is also the easiest to fly. With features like pushbutton flight and computer-assisted Smart Shots, Solo makes it easy for anyone to get professional aerial photos and video. Solo is powered by two 1 GHz […]

Should I Get My Kid a Quad? 6 thoughts of a parent

Advances in technology in recent years have enabled many children to grasp and gain exposure to realms of art and entertainment that their parents can only dream about. Many children these days have grown up with video games. Which means they have developed a dexterity that their parents cannot possibly dream of matching. Do you want proof? Try […]

5 Features Kids Love About RC Quads

Kids love drones, also known as quadcopters, for several reasons. For one, they are cool looking. Drones can resemble lifelike creatures or strange robotic alien thingies, with all the lights and capabilities making them even more awesome! There are several features that make drones interesting to kids. The camera is a must. Stability and agility in […]

DJI Phantom 3 Standard vs Advanced: Which One is Best for You?

Phantom 2 Standard vs Advanced

Let’s help you make the right choice between the DJI Phantom 3 Standard or Advanced Those of you looking to buy a serviceable recreational drone have a lot of options these days, as these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have become readily available and incredibly popular in recent years. Two of these options are the DJI […]

Sky Viper Drone Series – which of these 5 drones is best ? ($29-$149)

Sky Viper Drone Series

What’s small, cheap, yellow and plenty of fun for kids and adults alike? Ladies and gents – we give you the Sky Viper Drone. This relatively young company is taking on the other beginner drone manufacturers such as Hubsan, UDI and Syma. The Sky Viper Drone comes with a whole series of drone models: from […]

Which is the (best) selfie drone? 7 drones from $39 to $999

Which is the best selfie-drone to buy?

The selfie drone is the next big thing. Because what’s better than a selfie-stick? A selfie-drone of course! You know when you’re taking that selfie, but you just need that little bit more background? Or maybe you just want to catch a bit more of the surroundings? And that selfie-stick just won’t give you that […]

Which Are the 5 Best Drone Kits from Amazon (2020)?

Drone kits

With recent advances in technology, drones and drone kits have become accessible and very popular with the general public.  These unmanned, remotely operated aerial vehicles, whose ownership was once limited to the military and other government agencies, can now be purchased online in the form of DIY drone kits that allows users to build/assemble a […]

17 Best (Cheap) Drones for Beginners ($19-$199)

Cheap Drones for Beginners

The world of cheap drones for beginners is changing every day, new innovations are being developed with the price of drones always decreasing. This is one of the reasons why drone quadcopters have become so common – a popularity explosion! So much so, the drone industry is one of the fastest growing new developing technologies […]

Quick tip: What is headless mode? (3 reasons why it’s NOT cheating!)

What is headless mode in drones?

Drone headless mode is a new technique in flying drones – which essentially makes it easier, particularly for novice flyers to control their drone. Drone headless mode has become a common feature not only in the more expensive drones but more particularly also in standard and beginner and training drones – this is because entry-level drones are […]

Top 10 Best-selling drones for sale on Amazon (2020)

If you’re looking to get a drone on the cheap, the best place to start your search is drones for sale on Amazon? This biggest of marketplaces places a huge emphasis on keeping margins extremely low – meaning, you’ll always find the cheapest prices for items being sold on Amazon. That fully applies to tech […]