The Ultimate Drone Photography Guide for Stunning Aerial Shots (2024)

How long since you’ve seen a drone aerial video on Facebook?. Not long right? Drones and drone photography and videos are becoming hugely popular with photographers but also with those who want to get into photography but have next to no experience. Today, we’re going to share with you a guide, where you’ll find everything […]

DJI Spark vs Mavic 3 – which drone is the best value? (2024)

DJI Spark vs Mavic

Choosing between two excellent drones is tough. I would know, I’m always stuck in endless sessions of racking my brain trying to make a good decision – you’ll find me with my mouth hanging open during meals, while driving, in the shower, on the toilet … trying to answer life’s most burning question (at least […]

$250,000+ Most Expensive Drone + 10 Crazy Priced Drones (Amazon)

The Most Expensive Drone

Looking For the Best Expensive Drones? We’ve got all you need to know! Here’s The Best To Impress! You know when you see an amazing photo, whether it’s a breathtaking aerial view of a tropical island or a sports player dramatically sliding across a field, and you wonder – how did the photographer do that!? […]

The History of Drones: a wonderful, fascinating story over 235+ years

The history of drones

If you’re looking to learn about the history of drones – prepare to be amazed. Drones or UAVs started out life as pretty simple rudimentary barely flying objects, slowly but steadily evolving into the technological marvels they have become today – you can today actually build your own UAV with drone kits! Their history and […]

The 10+ Most AWESOME iPhone Drones with Camera (2020)

Best iPad/ iPhone controlled drone

In The Market For An iPhone Drone? Here’s Our Personal Favorite iPhone Controlled Drones of 2020 To Help You Choose The Best Device For You. You know when you scroll through social media and have to stop on someone’s breathtaking picture? What if that photo was yours? Drones are rising in popularity just like smartphones […]

DJI Mavic Pro 2 Review – an upgrade making the best drone better

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom & Pro Review

Drone photography has been around for a good number of years and thanks to the growing popularity of drones, user experience is about to be revolutionized. If you have spent some time looking at drone Instagram posts, you have probably come across videos and photos that seem very bold and catchy but with greater altitudes, […]

Which is the best drone that follows you to buy? 9 options

9 options for buying a drone that follow you

Like the idea of a drone that follows you around recording your exploits? Want to capture a bird’s eye view of your hobby or sport without having to manage a drone and whatever you are doing at the time? You need a follow me drone! Follow me drones are becoming increasingly popular as their capabilities […]

Top 9 Milestones in the Evolution of Drones

1. The Montgolfier brothers The first major milestone in the history of the development of the drone came in 1782 in the form of the invention of the Montgolfier-style Unmanned Hot Air Balloon. French paper manufacturers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne French paper manufacturers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier — otherwise known as the Montgolfier Brothers — designed […]

9 Amazing Facts About The (235+ Year) History Of Drones!

Marilyn Monroe with drone propeller

The drone revolution is upon us. From photography and videography to delivery drones, racing FPV drones, to the latest selfie drone trend, they are literally everywhere! It’s fascinating to read and understand how drone tech has come about and how it has evolved over the years. Quite a lot of different pieces had to come […]

Should I Get My Kid a Quad? 6 thoughts of a parent

Advances in technology in recent years have enabled many children to grasp and gain exposure to realms of art and entertainment that their parents can only dream about. Many children these days have grown up with video games. Which means they have developed a dexterity that their parents cannot possibly dream of matching. Do you want proof? Try […]

5 Features Kids Love About RC Quads

Kids love drones, also known as quadcopters, for several reasons. For one, they are cool looking. Drones can resemble lifelike creatures or strange robotic alien thingies, with all the lights and capabilities making them even more awesome! There are several features that make drones interesting to kids. The camera is a must. Stability and agility in […]