5 Features Kids Love About RC Quads

Kids love drones, also known as quadcopters, for several reasons.

For one, they are cool looking.

Sky Viper s1350HD Video Stunt Drone AUTO Launch Land Hover
Sky Viper s1350HD Video Stunt Drone AUTO Launch Land Hover

Drones can resemble lifelike creatures or strange robotic alien thingies, with all the lights and capabilities making them even more awesome!

There are several features that make drones interesting to kids.

  1. The camera is a must.
  2. Stability and agility in flight for sure.
  3. The ability to connect to a smartphone and a user-friendly app.
  4. Long battery life is a no brainer.
  5. Last but not least, durability for those mishaps that are gonna happen. (Mainly because us adults can’t help ourselves and try them out!)

Kids love to capture their moments, whether it’s flying around the yard, performing their skateboard stunt, or practicing their favorite sport. Kids love exploring and finding new sights and drones allow them to do that.

Drone with a camera

The camera is one feature that makes the drones even more fun for kids. The ability to take pictures as the drone climbs high into the sky. Every kid loves the thought of touching the clouds, seeing the edge of space!

Who knows, there might be a space ship up there!

Ok well most drones can’t touch the edge of space but kids love exploring and the drone allows them the opportunity to go places they can’t go. Up, up, up and away!

The camera gives them a chance to see the tops of the trees, over into the next field (if you live in the country like we do!), or explore further down the trail or creek bed. Kids by nature love to explore which makes drones with cameras for kids a great feature. There are some drones without a camera. These are a great beginner drone giving kids the opportunity to master their drone skills before going to the next level.

One of the best drones with a camera and video capability is the DJI Phantom3. The pictures are very stable and the video feed is amazing. There are a couple of choices for the DJI Phantom3 which include Phantom3 4K which adds 4k video and the Phantom3 Advanced which can fly 3.5 miles!

DJI Phantom 3- One of the most popular Amazon drones for sale with camera
DJI Phantom 3- One of the most popular iPhone capable drones for sale with camera

Stability and Agility

The stability and agility are a key feature. Kids love to fly drones both indoors and outdoors. Racing, flying, playing. Remote control drones make racing as much fun as drone exploring.

Kids will love flying their drones whether they are flying an obstacle course or exploring high in the sky. The stability and agility of quadcopters is what makes this both exciting and fun. Most drones nowadays are pretty stable and agile. The Holy Stone HS170 mini is very agile. Great for indoors and outdoors flying, with a powerful motor for outdoors even though it is small.

Smartphone integration

The ability to connect to a smartphone and an user-friendly app is another great feature.

This allows kids to designate their home point so the drone can return to that specific place. That is not to say it won’t crash and someone will have to go fetch it, but this feature is great if the drone goes beyond the predefined distance or if the battery is running low.

These apps allow kids to record their adventure as they fly to new places or explore old ones from a different point of view.

The Parrot Bebop 2 is an excellent choice for the use of smartphone technology. This quadcopter use of the smartphone app allows for steering of the drone as well as the movement of the camera. Another great drone with the newest smartphone technology actually called a hexacopter, is the DBPOWER X600C with VR compatible smartphone connection. This is definitely the next step up in smartphone technology for drones. So those of you that love that 3D experience, this is the drone for you!

Battery life

The battery life has to last. This feature is literally a no brainer. Kids love drones and want to play with them for a good length of flight time. Nothing is worse than getting the drone out and having fun only to have to stop after 5 minutes or worse getting too far from the home point and the battery is used up. The fun is just getting started! One way to lengthen the battery time in some drones is to remove or turn the camera off but that is just an option. There have been improvements in flight time and several drones now can fly 15 to 20 minutes. The DJI MAVIC PRO has the longest running air time of 26 minutes. This model is bit pricey but the flying time is great!

Phantom 3 LiPo battery
Phantom 3 LiPo battery


Of course the last to mention is the durability. While it is listed last, it is probably one of the most important features. Kids will be kids! Accidents happen. The thing that makes kids love drones so much is the ability to go where they can’t. So of course, they are going to

Kids will be kids! Accidents happen.

The thing that makes kids love drones so much is the ability to go where they can’t. So of course, they are going to get too close to the trees, go too high wanting to see the top of the building, try to fit in small places.

The Cheerson CX10 is a great beginner drone, small and inexpensive. This quadcopter is great for beginners or younger kids. A great overall indoor drone with settings for beginner, intermediate and advanced. The older kids will love it too for those indoor races! Another great drone that is durable for more advanced users is the AKASO K88. This model is very durable by design and great for outdoors. The blades are surrounded giving them some protection during a crash. The body is made from an impact absorbing foam. Good design and handling for all users.

As drones become more inexpensive with better features, kids of all ages will continue to want them. Their sleek designs, lifelike looks or even the more stranger looking models (which makes them super cool looking!) will only add to their appeal.

The basic features listed above will not change much over time, only improve. Smartphone technology will improve as well as the battery life. Cameras and video streaming, yes even the VR experience, will move into the future allowing for better pictures, and smoother videos, as well as allowing for the ultimate 3D experience. Stability, agility and durability will continue to improve with design and impact absorbing materials and technology.

Fly high and have fun!

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