Why are some drones more expensive than others?


Nowadays, most people go for budget drones that are nothing more than just daddy toys. But if you’re so much into drones and understand pretty well how different models operate, then you might not be happy with what some of those cheap units offer. What if you would like to make a long term investment into a model that steals the show every moment you take it out. You’d go for the most expensive drone money can buy, right? Because they offer the latest and greatest cutting edge technology that will set you on the right track on your project. Below are some of the features that make some drones more expensive than others 

1. Action cameras

If you are looking for a good drone that is ready to fly and requires minimal setup, a factory installed camera will be the easiest option to consider first. The cameras are already attached to the unit and are guaranteed to be compatible with the drones software’s as well as the controller’s applications that you can install on your tablet or smartphone. These cameras are lightweight such that carrying them won’t have any effect on your drone’s flight times and battery life as well

2.The Gimbals

A gimbal is an accessory that attaches below the drone’s frame to give the camera a stable platform plus better range of motion. The camera and the gimbals work together to keep the footage smooth as the drone pitches, rolls &tilts into flight same as to how a press helicopter stabilizes its cameras. The controller operates the drone and the gimbals separately so the camera can stay level and focused on target all through. Besides, drones without an inbuilt camera may come with separate gimbals which you must ensure they are compatible with the camera you are about to mount.

3. A remote controller(s)

A remote controller sends commands to the flight controller which in turn gauges external factors such as barometric pressure, speed, and the wind to turn the user’s commands into motion. Most expensive drones are synchronized with tethering thus enabling you to use the controller you are comfortable with even after purchasing a new drone. Besides, some drones do not require a standalone remote controller to function. What they do is to create a Wi-Fi hotspot, where you can connect your tablet or smartphone and pilot the drone with a downloadable application. You can use your radio transmitter to control the drone manually. Depending on both the drone and the transmitter, the control range may be anywhere from say a few meters to a mile or miles away. External factors such as interference from weather and radio towers may also hinder the controllable distance too.

4. Drone batteries

Batteries of the most expensive drones offer 5 to 30 minutes of flight on every single charge, but they take one hour or even more to recharge. Oftentimes, the battery can be removed once the charge is depleted and replaced with a fully charged one. To make sure your drone spends more time on air, you should buy an extra rechargeable battery that is compatible with the drone

5. Drone Propellers

Most of the expensive drones come with spare propellers because they are the parts which are easily broken especially when the drone fails to land perfectly or when it collides with a tree or any hard object. Most interestingly, propellers are cheap to replace and repair, and they can be bought separately. But you should understand that a half of the propeller spins clockwise and half counter-clockwise to enhance stability. This means you should purchase couple spare propellers of every kind

6. Drone backpacks & cases

Whether you are heading for a flight adventure or storing your drone for the next session, do not shove your expensive unit in an old and worn-out duffel bag. Besides, you should protect your equipment with a high-quality backpack specially made to hold drones. The interior of the case should be padded with foam to fit the drone and its accessories perfectly thus safeguarding them from bouncing or drops while on transit. Most of the expensive drones’ cases have dual padded straps essential for keeping you comfortable on your trip, so I would highly recommend them if you were to make your purchase today.


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