Quick tip: What is headless mode? (3 reasons why a drone NEEDS it)

Drone headless mode is a new technique in flying drones – which essentially makes it easier, particularly for novice flyers to control their drone. Drone headless mode has become a common feature not only in the more expensive drones but more particularly also in standard and beginner and training drones – this is because entry-level drones are […]

The weird, wonderful and fascinating history of drones

The history of drones

If you’re looking to learn about the history of drones – prepare to be amazed. Drones or UAVs started out life as pretty simple rudimentary barely flying objects, slowly but steadily evolving into the technology marvels they have become today. Their history and evolution takes us all around the globe, where we meet such personalities as […]

What is drone racing?

Racing league or racing games are really very interesting. The participation in those race leagues gives us an amazing feeling. There are many racing leagues like car racing and bike racing and now the latest trend is the racing league ‘Drone-Racing’, that is especially organized for the drones. Drones are remote-controlled quadcopter, which are perfect […]

How to choose the best drone for GoPro – 10 drones + tips

Best Drone for GoPro

Buying a drone is always an exciting process. This is because there are so many aspects and features for a filmer to look out for when considering a drone. Depending on what you want, being battery life, camera type, durability, display or any other features, there is a drone that just fits your needs. But […]