If you’re looking to learn about the history of drones – prepare to be amazed. Drones or UAVs started out life as pretty simple rudimentary barely flying objects, slowly but steadily evolving into the technology marvels they have become today. Their history and evolution takes us all around the globe, where we meet such personalities as […]

The basis of innovation and technology is that we are provided with innumerable ways to accomplish tasks and get our various jobs done easily. In every industry, there is the need for technology to provide a certain ease that would make our jobs a lot easier. Our smartphones have taken over our world, literally we […]

Buying a drone is always an exciting process. This is because there are so many aspects and features for a filmer to look out for when considering a drone. Depending on what you want, being battery life, camera type, durability, display or any other features, there is a drone that just fits your needs. But […]

As drone enthustiasts, the last thing you probably want to see is a drone crash. Tragic as it may sound, drone crashes and accidents typically make for quite the spectacle. This is of course most of the drones crashing have a number of cameras filming what’s going on, giving the eventual viewers quite a number […]

If you’ve been interested in drones in the recent months, chnaces are you’ve came across the Parrot drone quite a few times. That’s not nearly a surprise, the Parrot drone is one of best all-rounder drones money can buy. It’s no wonder people are raving about it and it seems to always out of stock. The […]