The Commercial UAV Show 2017 (+15% OFF Coupon Code)

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The Commercial UAV Show 15-16 November 2017 ExCel, London     The Commercial UAV Show (Drone Conference and Expo) is going to be held again this year, 2017, on the 15th and 16th November. is proud to be associated with The Commercial UAV Show as a media partner for this event. This conference (now […]

Top 9 Milestones in the History of Drones

1. The Montgolfier brothers The first major milestone in the history of the development of the drone came in 1782 in the form of the invention of the Montgolfier-style Unmanned Hot Air Balloon. French paper manufacturers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne French paper manufacturers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier — otherwise known as the Montgolfier Brothers — designed […]

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The Ultimate Drone Photography Guide for Stunning Aerial Shots (2017)

How long since you’ve seen a drone aerial video on Facebook?. Not long right? Drones and drone photography and videos are becoming hugely popular with photographers but also with those who want to get into photography but have next to no experience. Today, we’re going to share with you a guide, where you’ll find everything […]

Confused? DJI Spark vs Mavic – which drone is the best value? [2017]

DJI Spark vs Mavic

Choosing between two excellent drones is tough. I would know, I’m always stuck in endless sessions of racking my brain trying to make a good decision – you’ll find me with my mouth hanging open during meals, while driving, in the shower, on the toilet … trying to answer life’s most burning question (at least […]

9 Amazing Facts About The (235+ Year) History Of Drones!

Marilyn Monroe with drone propeller

The drone revolution is upon us. From photography and videography to delivery drones, racing FPV drones, to the latest selfie drone trend, they are literally everywhere! It’s fascinating to read and understand how drone tech has come about and how it has evolved over the years. Quite a lot of different pieces had to come […]

Ehang GHOSTDRONE 1.0 Propellers, Black

“GHOST Drone PropellersGhost Drones use high efficiency 8045 three-bladed reversible propellers. This set includes one pair of propellers. One blade is for the right side and one blade is for the left side of the aircraft. These are appropriate blades to use as replacements for original propellers included with Ghost and Ghost Aerial. ” Spare […]

Ehang GHOSTDRONE 1.0 Battery, Black

GHOST Drone Battery The Ghost battery ensures a longer flight time and reduces recharge frequency. It is shock-proof and humidity resistant. This battery is specifically built for Ghost, a powerful Lithium Polymer (LiPo for short) battery with a 5400 mAh capacity and 11.1 Volts. While interchangable it is much lighter and more carefully built than […]

3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter w/ Gimbal and Backpack (Certified Refurbished)

3DR Solo Refurbished

3DR Solo Drone Solo, powered by twin 1 GHz computers, is the world’s first smart drone. The world’s smartest drone is also the easiest to fly. With features like pushbutton flight and computer-assisted Smart Shots, Solo makes it easy for anyone to get professional aerial photos and video. Solo is powered by two 1 GHz […]

Should I Get My Kid a Drone? 6 thoughts of a parent

Advances in technology in recent years have enabled many children to grasp and gain exposure to realms of art and entertainment that their parents can only dream about. Many children these days have grown up with video games. Which means they have developed a dexterity that their parents cannot possibly dream of matching. Do you want proof? Try […]