9 Spectacular Drone Crash Videos You Have To See To Believe

Drone Crash

As drone enthustiasts, the last thing you probably want to see is a drone crash. Tragic as it may sound, drone crashes and accidents typically make for quite the spectacle. This is of course most of the drones crashing have a number of cameras filming what’s going on, giving the eventual viewers quite a number […]

Is the Parrot Drone the best drone to buy today? (2016)

Parrot drone

If you’ve been interested in drones in the recent months, chnaces are you’ve came across the Parrot drone quite a few times. That’s not nearly a surprise, the Parrot drone is one of best all-rounder drones money can buy. It’s no wonder people are raving about it and it seems to always out of stock. The […]

25 (Must see) Drones with HD Camera For Stunning Aerial Photography

…because there’s been no better a time to buy a great drone with high-definition camera capabilities Drones with HD camera capabilities have revolutionized how professional and amateur photographers capture high-quality aerial images and video. Whilst up to a few years back, you might have had to risk your neck hanging precariously from high surfaces to […]