9 Spectacular Drone Crash Videos You Have To See To Believe

Drone Crash

As drone enthustiasts, the last thing you probably want to see is a drone crash. Tragic as it may sound, drone crashes and accidents typically make for quite the spectacle. This is of course most of the drones crashing have a number of cameras filming what’s going on, giving the eventual viewers quite a number of different points of view of the drone crash.

We’ve went a looked around to find the most spectalur drone crash video. Our heart goes out to the loss of the drones in these videos, but we have to say, it makes for some great accident tv.

Because of course, when you have something such as Go Pro camera filming the death of your drone, no matter how violent the crash, it’s still gonna keep on filming.

So before you actually start driving your drive, you might want to read a little bit about how to avoid drone crashes and flyaways.

1. The Most Extreme Drones Crashes of All-time Compilation

The first video, aptly named “The Most Extreme Drones Crashes of All-time Compilation” is a whole 6 minutes 22 seconds of FPV drone crash footage. Each time you got to see the drone speeding into a tree, the ground, a cliff and then watching in it’s death throes, drone lovers will cringe time and time again.

Enjoy. Or not. The crackling sound is what gets to me every time.

2. Drone Crash Compilation | Quadcopter Crash Compilation 2015

Drone Crash Compilation
And there it is – a crashed drone, looking just like a dead beetle :'(

Just after you’ve spent a whole six minutes watching and hearing the heart-breaking sounds of drones going crunch, you’ll find yourself hooked to another spectacle of drone crashes. This one is so much worse though. Besides actually watching the drone crash in real-time, slow motion and extreme slow mention, you’ll then get to see the remnants of the drone crash.

3. EPIC Extreme Drone Crash Compilation 2016

Then there is this. Again, one thing which is always sad in an amusing sort of way, is the pained expressions of the owners who just experienced their favourite drone crashing. Squels, stunned silence, dazed looks, expletives. The owners and pilots of these crashed drones have just experienced their drones crash and burn. That’s typically quite a lot of money vanishing into thin air (pun intended).

You know who is not amused? The bride and the groom who were only just missed by the drone crashing.

There is also the moment when two racing drones crash head-on into each other…

4. Drone Crash, Fail & Win Compilation 2015

There’s another moment in the drone crash which gets to me. Every time.

The moment when after the drone crash, the camera keeps on filming as the drone falls, tumbles, twists and turns until it finally comes to a complete stand still. Those horrifying moments where I can literally feel every knock in my bones…

Drone crashed into car
Drone + car park = not amused

And then, there is the moment where a motorcycle and a drone crash in mid-air …

And just when you were hoping there weren’t much left, we’re only just getting warmed up…

5. Drone Fail Quadcopter Crashes Most Amazing Fails ever!

In the previous video, we were talking about the drone which crashed mid-air into a motorcyclist. Not wanting to feel outdone, this video of quadcopter crashes goes one further.

This is the one where the drones goes diving after the cliff-diver and then the other one which crashes into the stunt skateboarder.

And then there’s the one which is amusing…but literally painful to look at – a team of scientists, happily and readily watching their very expesive drone taking off from the boat, only to hit the side of boat as it is launching and dropping straight into the ocean. *sigh*

So far what we’ve seen are spectacular drone crashes and accidents. The key here is that most of these drone crash videos were accidents, incidents, failures or just plain lack of experience in flying a drone.

The following video changes all of that.

The drone crash video which follows is actually intentionally killing or taking down illegal drones. Of course, the fact that the drones might be illegally trespassing, doesn’t make their crash videos any less spectacular.


6. Top 10 Drone Crash Fail (Win Compilation 2016)

And then there is the drone video where a drone gets chased by a broom…

This is a very particular drone crash video. Most of the drone accidents here are quite particular. You’d probably be much better off if you have a look at but let’s just point out a few of the highlights of this one.

  • the drone gets chased by a semi-naked sunbathing girl caught on the roof,
  • another where the drone gets swatted like a fly,
  • the one where it gets chased by a VERY angry pitbull
  • the other one where the drone gets swatted by a monkey (why do I get the feeling that drones and animals are not exactly the best of friends?)
  • and the one where it gets hit by a bird of pry. I’m not quite sure who sustained most damage in that one …
  • but this expression, this one right here, is definetely the best moment in the video 🙂
Drone crash - man trying to save drone from falling into the water
“Oh man, it’s going into the water” … the moment just before the inevitable


7. Drones vs Animals

Since we’ve just mentioned how drones and animals are not exactly the best of friends, the next on our drone crash videos is this drones vs animals compilation.

Dogs are by far the animals with a severe intent to crush every drone they see, but they’re not the only ones who are intent on the utmost destruction of drones.

Birds are not exactly very friendly, especially falcons and other birds of prey which might feel the drones are competing with them for their mates …

And kangaroos. Yes kangaroos. Swatting the drone like a fly.

8. Drones vs Humans

Now, whilst some people love drones, some people also love (to hate) drones. Here we see quite a few angry people.

So we have

  • the drone vs the very angry man
  • the drone which gets flashed
  • the drone which nearly kills a groom
  • and the drone which gets chased by the semi-naked sunbathing girl…

These are not drone crash videos, these are drones crushed videos!

9. Drone Quadcopter Funny Crash Compilation

If you’ve still not gotten enough of drone crash videos, there’s still a few more to go right here.

Have you got any drone crash videos which you think should make the cut on our post? Let us know on hello at dronesbuy.net




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